Sonic Drive-in and Express Restaurants operates almost 3,500 locations across the US and I just found out that Connecticut is going to be getting one more in the near future.

According to the Waterbury Rep-AM, and and a site plan modification request sent to the City of Torrington, a new convenience store/gas station with a Sonic Express Drive-In Restaurant will be built on the land at 861 Migeon Ave in Torrington over the next few months. Up until recently, Scarpelli's Family Restaurant stood there. The restaurant permanently closed over a year ago and according to, the building was just recently demolished to make way for the new gas station/convenience store/Sonic.

A very similar Sonic Express/Convenience Store/Gas station concept opened up in New Milford on Danbury Road (RT.7) over this past Summer, and I'm seriously addicted to their Cherry Limeades. Sonic is based out of Oklahoma and is run by the same parent company as Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings, Inspire Brands.

The Torrington Sonic Express Drive Thru will not feature the company's signature roller skating wait-staff bringing your order to your vehicle, it will be a full-service drive-thru location only. Sonic serves up classic American fast food: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Sandwiches, Sides, Ice Cream, and a huge assortment of beverages.

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According to the site plan modification request filed with the city, in order to make this location work for a Sonic Express drive-through, a dedicated drive-through lane will have to be built around the site, as well as a drive-through menu and window, and necessary lighting and drainage would possibly have to be modified also.

There are 3 full Sonic Restaurants here in Connecticut - Manchester, Milford, and Wallingford. There used to also be a location in Bristol, but they permanently closed. There is no announced timeline for the Torrington Sonic Express's opening, but I'd guess Summer 2021? I'll keep my eyes on it.

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