As a new tax season gets underway, scammers are preparing to bamboozle you out of your refund.

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The Hartford Courant has reported that scammers try to trick individuals into giving them their personal information online and in person.

According to IRS agent Ramsey E. Covington, some of these sharks are even posing as legitimate tax preparers. IRS agent Ramsey E. Covington recommends you file accurate tax returns on time and make sure you hire a reputable tax preparer.

Each year these sharks are working on more sophisticated ways to swipe your cash. Now that stimulus checks will be going out, predators trolling on social media sites try to elicit bank account numbers and other personal information pledging early payment of stimulus checks.

Covington also said that some swindlers knock on doors posing at IRS agents, telling you they can promise early stimulus payments if you give them your bank info and social security number. You've probably heard the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Believe it or not, some miscreants focus on coronavirus cures offering investments in "new" vaccines telling the potential victim they promise the latest vaccine technology and pending government approval. Keep in mind that professional scammers have perfected their technique. IRS agent Ramsey Covington warns, "they're going to package it real nice." For tips on choosing a tax preparer and how to avoid scammers, click on

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