An investigation has been launched in connection with the New Fairfield firefighter who posted "inappropriate and offensive" items on social media.

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The Newstimes reports that First Selectman Patricia Del Monaco and a group called Concerned Citizens of New Fairfield filed an official complaint. The complaint was centered around videos in two social media posts that were "blatantly sexist, homophobic, and racist." Officials have decided not to release the identity of the individual but posted saying,

Although none of the posts were made on firehouse property, nor using any firehouse equipment or involving any other firehouse members or during firehouse activities, we too found the posts to be offensive, to be in violation of department policy, and in violation of the standards we expect all members to follow.

The NFVFD also apologized to the citizens of New Fairfield and informed the community that the person allegedly involved has been suspended and it will be mandatory that the firefighter in question "attend a series of six classes designed for public servants that cover the issues involved."

Town officials are heartbroken that just one thoughtless individual may have harmed the relationship with the community. Social media posts that spew either hatred, bigotry, or racism only result in harm to others. Think long and hard first and then do what you know is the right thing.

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