The Connecticut State Police - Troop B in North Canaan are seeking the public's help in identifying an alleged compound bow shoplifter from an archery shop in Goshen.

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The incident occurred on January 14, 2021, after the individual pictured above entered Newbury Archery on the Sharon Turnpike in Goshen. The man then left the archery shop without paying for a compound bow that is valued at $1,600.

CT State Police

I'm not an archery expert by any means, but the photo appears to be of a Hoyt Archery Carbon RX-5, which is a new release from one of the top makers of Archery equipment in the world. At the manufacturer's retail selling price of $1,600-1,700, it's basically like a Cadillac or Mercedes in the world of compound bows.

Connecticut State Police

The Connecticut State Police believe that the suspect in the picture above may be in the medical field, based on the clothes and that badge clip that he is photographed wearing. The man fled in a silver Ford Ecosport, but the troopers were unable to snag a license plate.

CT State Police

According to the Facebook post from the Connecticut State Police - Troop B, they are committed to combatting crime in Connecticut's Northwest corner, and they would appreciate it if you have any information regarding this suspect. Please contact Trooper Pease #1235 of Troop B at 860-626-1820 - Ext 1005, and they assure you that all calls will remain confidential.

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