Economist Don Klepper-Smith just released his latest report on Connecticut's economy and overall it was not good guy.

According to the Westport News, Klepper-Smith who's the chief economist and director of research for DataCore Partners delivered his state of the economy report to the Danbury Chamber of Commerce. The bad news is that Connecticut ranks 44th in the country for job growth and dead last in New England. Klepper-Smith went on to say,

"Connecticut's economic development is misguided. You'd think that this discussion would have taken place a long time ago. We just don't seem to get it."

Near the end of his report on Connecticut's economy, he brought up the city of Danbury saying,

"Danbury continues outperforming the state. Danbury has a well balanced economy in the midst of overall economic stagnation in the state."

Kennedy Flats - Downtown Danbury - Used by Permission
The Brand New Kennedy Flats - Downtown Danbury - Used by Permission

 Klepper-Smith went on to say that Danbury is the "shining star" in the state because officials like Mayor Mark Boughton and first selectmen who are leaders who are pro-business. Another impressive statistic that Klepper-Smith pointed out is that the Danbury Labor Market Area's recovery rate of 107 percent is way out in front of Waterbury, which weighs in at 35.6 percent and Torrington at 29.4 percent.

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