I've never felt more dependent on gasoline, and currently, that is a bad spot to be in.

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I've never liked air travel, and now for a variety of reasons, I don't trust it. I can't work remotely for most of my job responsibilities, and my wife has grown a deep-love for road trips. This is my reality, and it's probably true for many of you.

The headline for summer 2022 has been the same for most of us, less money in our wallets due to the price of gasoline. However, it looks like there may be some hope on the horizon as prices slowly trend down.

In Connecticut some gas stations are boasting prices under $4 for the first time in months. According to NBC Connecticut, drivers in New London, Windsor and West Hartford have reported prices at $3.99 and in Mansfield, consumers found a price as low as $3.89.

That is all fantastic news, a trend I can get behind but you and I don't live in Mansfield. So, what is the best we can do in Danbury? It's looking like the Global gas station at 108 Newtown Road is the lowest. According to Gas Buddy, the Newtown Road Global is selling for $4.29 a gallon.

Other decent prices (given the current climate):

  • Sunoco - North Street - $4.31
  • Shell - North Street - $4.33

UPDATE: Carl K. From Sherman has a hot tip for New Milford residents. He texted the I-95 Rock Mobile app to say:

"Pricecutter on Route 7. Plus cumberland is 4.09 for members, 4.19 regular."

Now before you launch a verbal war against me, there are a few things I must say. My research does not include BJ's or Costco gas. The gas, at those stores always seem to be significantly cheaper, and that is great except I'm not a member. Before you mount your tall horse, try and remember not everyone prays at the alter of Costco and BJ's.

The second thing I need to tell you, is my price research, the Gas Buddy numbers I'm citing are from Thursday (7/21/22).

Happy fossil fuel hunting y'all.

FAIRNESS UPDATE: Chris from Carmel said:

"My app says 4.05 at bjs in brookfield."

And, after my rant about having to wait at BJ's and Costco, Joe from 2 Fat Guys in Danbury wrote:

"Never waited more than 20 minutes at BJs. 405 a gallon." 

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