Some days I get up and feel informative, other times I feel curious and then there are my disruptive moods.

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Today, I woke up and felt like a wiseacre and that is why I am proud to present the 7 Common Sayings That Don't Work in CT.

Some Common Sayings Just Don't Work in Connecticut, Here Are 7 of Them

I am proud to call Connecticut my home but it can be a frustrating place to live some days. The expense of living here is obnoxious and the pace of play is off the charts. In CT, cliches happen but are hardly tolerated. The community sense of humor here can be cruel so if you have nothing but canned sayings, you're gonna take a beating from your audience. But that is not the only reason these sayings don't work here, there are others that are specific to the phrase. These are 7 Common Sayings that Just Don't Work in CT. 

I get it, some days you get up without ever really getting up. We all get tired and on those days you're more likely to be basic in an effort to get through the day. However, if you're a robot that spits out clichés all day, people take notice.

There are some clichés that I couldn't find a CT excuse for, but they need to be addressed:

"Living the Dream": You ask someone how they're doing and they return with this gem. Also popular: "I woke up on the right side of the grass" and "I'd complain but who'd listen!"

"Love is Blind": Love may be deaf, but it is most certainly not blind.

"Better Late Than Never": FALSE. If you're late, I'm rooting for you not to show up. If you made me wait, I'm afraid of what I'll say to you so just stay home.

"Read Between the Lines": How about you learn how to write and save us all a lot of trouble. Just spit it out, we all know you can't keep a secret.

"A Little Birdie Told Me": WRONG, we both know it was Janice in Accounting.

"I'm All Ears": This is usually said by someone who is all forehead.

"Anywho": If you have to say this, you made things unbelievably uncomfortable beforehand. Why don't you stop saying weird and intrusive things?

"I Hate to Beat a Dead Horse": This is easily the most psychotic cliché and needs to be retired. What kind of mental patient came up with this?

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See Newtown Sanitarium Through the Lens of an Award Winning Photographer

Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital is located in Newtown, CT. The campus has been in varying degrees of restoration/development since it closed on 1995. The Town of Newtown owns it and has turned some structures into municipal buildings while others have been leased out to private businesses. The remaining vacant structures have become magnets for ghost hunters and artists.

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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