Ridgefield, CT approved their new budget referendum Tuesday to the tune of $148 Million, according to CT Post. If you add the town budget, schools, infrastructure, the "whole sha-bang" that's what it comes out to. Roughly $48 million will go into the town budget, $98 million to the school budget... On and on we go.

I saw a glaring omission in the finance allotment: fire safety and prevention. Since local government seems to want ignore the need to prevent and stop hideous, raging infernos, specifically on baseball fields, I may be able to profit off of this.

Maybe I can host fire prevention nights at the local Y or open a fire extinguisher depot on Main Street? That's straight cheddar in my pocket is what that is.

Of course, I could let the whole baseball field fire thing go, but I think I'll go another way.

New slogan for Ridgefield: "Ridgefield. SO Hot Right Now."

Did I use the Ridgefield budget as an excuse to bring up their recent "scandalous" fire? Sure did, because of reasons. Here are some:

  • Secrets. Secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets, hurt someone.
  • It was a fire, no one got hurt and everyone thinks they know who was there. Raise your hand, say "My bad" and it goes away.
  • Mistakes happen, we will all understand. What people will not forgive is a cover up.
  • I 1000% did not care at all about the story when it broke. I figured, fire on a baseball field is weird and all, but they will fix it and someone will say sorry. Y'all done made it interesting.

Another reason I may be angrily lashing out at an entire community is the fact that my morning show partner, Ethan Carey, is on the phone right now in the studio having a conversation in a way that suggests he thinks the person on the other end is legally deaf. It's either that or he does not trust the technology we know as the landline telephone. Classic "Butterfly Effect" situation, one man's obnoxious phone call turns into more media attention on a subject a lot of people would like to go away.

"Lemme send this one out to all my friends in Ridgefield...it's "Fire" Jimi Hendrix on the Home of Rock and Roll, I-95."

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