Remember back in early April someone dumped gasoline on the Ridgefield Baseball Field at Governor's Park and set the field on fire to try and dry it out for the High School baseball team? Well, here's the latest update on that situation:

Here's a bit of footage courtesy of a tweet from @AmityNorton, a teacher at Amity Middle School:

First off, the Ridgefield Police Department has closed its investigation as to who was responsible, and no names have been revealed. The primary focus of the investigation was to get the funds needed to repair the field.

So with that said, and with no insurance covering the damage, anonymous donations have come in to cover the estimated $40,000 cost involved with getting the field back up and running. That's what makes further police investigation irrelevant.

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi explained the situation to

No taxpayer dollars are being used. Four or five donations were expected to cover the anticipated cost of about $40,000. The town had already received two checks as of Wednesday, and another was expected Thursday. The donations were anonymous, and were coming to the town through a trustee account overseen by an attorney, that’s all I’m at liberty to say.

Selectman Steve Zemo also talked to and was glad the situation worked out well, but was concerned about the message the donations sent:

The learning lesson, for kids, of an adult taking responsibility for a bad decision, not a malicious decision, is the part that’s missing. People make substantial donations to the town very often, some do it anonymously, and that’s fine, but this wasn’t malicious at all so I’m not sure why the folks involved didn’t just want to come forward and say we made a mistake.

Well now that the incident has been settled, the investigation has been dropped, the donations are covering the cost and the field has been repaired, there's only one more thing to say: "Play Ball."

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