Want to get away? It seems like everyone in Connecticut has been busy planning their next Florida vacation. We've all seen the news about airline troubles as the industry has come raging back during the past few months. and just the other week, I wrote about how Connecticut's Bradley International Airport has recently started offering flights to 3 new destinations through a new airline - Breeze Airways.

More good news for Connecticut passengers just dropped today, according to The New Haven Register, a new company named Avelo Airlines is going to start offering 4 new non-stop flights out of New Haven's Tweed Airport, starting in November. The non-stop flights are to four of the most popular destinations in Florida (You say?) - Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Tampa.

The other good news about this news, is that the initial flights in November are booking now, and they're cheap. I just went online to Avelo's website, and the flights during the introductory week in November, to any of the 4 Florida destinations, are $59 each way.

For those of us that live in Western/Southern Connecticut, the announcement of Avelo Airlines' new non-stop flights out of New Haven's Tweed Airport provides another alternative to Bradley, Westchester, Stewart, TF Green, or the big 3 in NYC. Tweed is located on New Haven's East Shore, right near Lighthouse Point Park, on the East Haven border. It's a relatively small airport.

According to The New Haven Register, Avelo will soon announce a fifth destination out of Tweed, most likely another Florida stop, and then, if there's demand, more flights to different destinations around the US may be announced.

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