More than a year after a series of intense and powerful macrobursts and tornadoes struck our area, Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden has officially re-opened to the public.

It was May 15th, 2018 and a powerful storm system ravaged the state with tornado's and macro burst's that caused massive damage at Sleeping Giant State Park. The damage was so severe that it took over a year for the park to re-open again.

nbc ct video image
nbc ct video image

The National Weather Service said 100 mile per hour winds slammed into the popular park, causing trees to be uprooted, and leaving the park in a state of disarray -- not to mention the danger that can be caused by trees that had been compromised from the storm.

According to, the total cost to restore the park is estimated to be around $735,000, however the state anticipates FEMA will reimburse around 75% of that.

The good news is that Connecticut residents can now once again enjoy the park, as it has now been deemed safe for the public to start hiking there again. Sleeping Giant will be open every day from 8 a.m. to sunset.

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