Candlewood Lake is the largest lake in the state of Connecticut. It's in both Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, covering 8.4 square miles. Renowned for its abundant fishing, Candlewood has always been a favorite stop for anglers across the Northeast. In the past decade, big-box stores Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop have moved into East Hartford and Bridgeport, neither of which are really close to the state's biggest lake. So, where can you get the essential elements of fishing, live bait and gear, within 15-30 minutes of the lake? I gathered up a list of a few great local bait shops that I've personally been to, or have been highly recommended to me by my fellow fisherman friends. They're all close enough to ensure that your Nightcrawlers, Trout Worms, and Wax Worms will live to die on your hook in Candlewood Lake.

Six Bait Shops Close to Candlewood Lake

Connecticut is rich with fertile fishing, and there is plenty of information about where to enjoy our favorite sport available to you on the State of Connecticut's Official Fishing Information Website. As with any business nowadays, give them a call or look their hours up online, if they have a website, their hours and businesses may have changed due to the pandemic.


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