I think you would agree that most Americans, including myself, are big fans of the First Amendment to our Constitution, Freedom of Speech.

Let me pose a couple of questions regarding our First Amendment rights. A rash of incidents on Facebook and Twitter have dominated our political climate before the election, and have since ramped up after the November election.

  1. How productive is it to lash out on FB and/or Twitter with name calling, and sometimes vulgarities, when someone doesn't believe what you believe?
  2. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by our First Amendment but should their be some exceptions to the rule?

*Here's an example from an article on nydailynews.com. A school board member made a nasty reference on Twitter to the female anatomy of women who marched in New York City.                                                                                                    *Result - School board member resigns

*A writer for SNL writes a disgusting offensive tweet about Trump's son Baron.           *Result - Writer was suspended

*In a FB post, Senator Jack Sandlin from Indiana credited Donald Trump with getting "more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in 8 years."                  *  Result - Sandlin apologized

Here's my suggestion for what it's worth. When you feel the need to lash out and insult others who don't agree with your beliefs and ideals, do what my wife Mindy does, furiously write that FB post and compose that tweet, read it over, engage your brain and DELETE IT! Nothing good comes from nasty, arrogant, insulting posts. If you'd like to leave a comment about the 2 questions I asked earlier in the blog, post them on the I-95 FB page. Thanks!

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