The removal of hate-speech and misinformation by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are finally being removed from some social media and tech sites.

According to an article in the New York Times, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify have decided they want nothing to do with extremist, Alex Jones who spouts hate speech and misinformation via his Texas-based InfoWars. Currently, Twitter has not followed the actions of Facebook and is not censoring Alex Jones. What do you think? Is this in violation of free speech and the First Amendment? What do you think of this tin foil hat wearing extremist?

Alex Jones has called the slaughter of 26 human lives in Sandy Hook, "staged," "synthetic," "manufactured," "a giant hoax," and "completely faked with actors." Jones has recently come out saying that he was wrong.

On Monday, August 6, Facebook decided that Jones's rhetoric was dehumanizing and misleading and proceeded to strip four pages of InfoWars off the site. Three defamation lawsuits have been filed against Alex Jones and Infowars by families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shootings.

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