Last week I posted a poll question on Facebook that read, "Do you think relaxing COVID restrictions is a good or a bad idea?"

Over 100 weighed in on the topic with 61% saying, "YES, lift the COVID restrictions" and 39% saying, "NO, it's too soon".  Many of the responses were either "Yes" or "No", but many of you backed your responses with short explanations. Let's take a look at what some of you wrote.

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Amanda: "Open up. My business is still suffering because people are home. Getting vaccinated isn't going to solve the problem. It's going to be around for years to come. Time to let herd immunity do its job and let life open back up."

Lindsey: "Bad idea. They changed the vaccine parameter to be by age only. So those of us that are young and immuno-compromised are stuck until the end. And so many of us live alone. So I still have to get groceries, go to work, and doctor's appointments."

Julio: "Very, very bad idea! We should all listen to the experts and the science."

Photo by Hiĺary Cameron on Unsplash
Photo by Hiĺary Cameron on Unsplash

Shawn: (responding to Julio): Follow the science? The science of those that tell us there are more than two genders? The so-called 'experts' are the ones spreading the fear and are also the ones selling the cure.

Joseph: Open up! People that are wary about it can stay home. In my opinion....wearing masks and social distancing did nothing anyway.

Tom: "Go slow...I know folks are tired of it but let's get vaccinated and not spread it."

Martin: "It's a great idea the longer we are witnessing COVID, the more I notice that it's fake, totally overblown by our governor and his cohorts; open your eyes, people and take back your life. If you decide to get anyone of the vaccines, do your research. They are out there to thin out the population."

Protestors Rally At Connecticut State Capitol Against COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order
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Evan: "We're supposed to be a free country, so..."

David: "I say open up but keep the masks for now."

Roberta: "Bad idea, too soon."

Those responses were only a fraction of those that I received. I don't know this for a fact, but the individuals who are calling this pandemic a hoax or a scam have not seen a loved one hooked up to a ventilator fighting for their life or, at the very worst, losing that fight from COVID-19.

If you choose to view the entire list of comments from the FB poll question, click here.

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