I feel like all we've been writing about lately are store closings. And not so much little mom and pop stores (thankfully), but more-so giant retailers. Hopefully soon we will be able to start talking more about places opening.

One thing I wasn't expecting to read about was a major oil company that was planning to close a bulk of their locations. You never really think of gas stations closing a spread of locations, so this news surprised me.

First, I took a look into what the most popular gas station in Connecticut was. I found an article from Ranker, and it looks like the most popular gas station in Connecticut is Cumberland Farms. I then was curious to see how many Cumberland Farms gas stations there were here. According to ScrapeHero, there are 78 different cumbies blanketed across Connecticut. That seems to be a fair amount.

I was surprised to read that Shell was planning on closing 1,000 of their locations over the next 2 years. According to The Street, the oil company plans to upgrade their retail network with expanded electrical vehicle charging and convenience offers in response to customer needs. Additionally, they said that they plan to focus on three areas where they have the potential to positively impact energy transition by reducing the cost which includes electric vehicle charging, biofuels, and integrated power.

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There is nothing currently stating which of their locations will be closing, so we are not sure if Connecticut will be impacted by it. As of right now, Connecticut has 201 Shell locations and are in 104 different towns and cities around the state.

Danbury has the third most Shell locations in the state with 6 locations followed by Stamford with 8 and Norwalk with 9. When word gets out with which locations will be closing within the two years, I will be sure to update you and let you know.

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