According to The Weather Channel, scientists have been studying more than 30 years worth of aerial photography and determined that huge numbers of sharks have been gathering off the Northeast coast in increasingly higher numbers. The largest grouping of sharks was found in November of 2013 when they say almost 1,400 were seen together off of New England's southern coast.

These studies were recently published in the Journal of Fish Biology. The researchers say huge packs like this are unusual and they are not exactly sure why they are doing this. They do say zooplankton numbers were higher in these areas at the time of the gatherings. This means there would be more food for the sharks to eat in these regions at those times.

Add this to the ever extending list of s--- to worry about. We have global clean water shortages, famine, lunatic dictators building up nuclear programs and now army's of deadly sharks hanging out together.

You ever see a large group of people at work, having a secret conversation and you wonder, what are they talking about over there? Yeah, you have. Now imagine they have rows of deadly teeth and can swim like you read about. This is what we are talking about here. Elon Musk is worried about a robot war and while I am with him, who the hell has their eyes on the sea?

Looks like this is another thing I am going to have to keep my eyes on.

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