A video from Smithpoint Beach on Long Island It lit social media ablaze the last few days.

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In the clip, a man is wrestling with a shark roughly four feet long according to Yahoo. You can hear the person filming the encounter say "watch your feet." At one point, the man had the shark by the tail and he drew a crowd of spectators. It was the only shark sighting of the day according to witnesses and no restrictions were put in place on the beach.

It appears to be part of a rise in shark sightings on Long Island. The Guardian called 2022 "The Summer of the Shark" on the Island. That report included a claim from a lifeguard on Smith Point beach named Zach Gallo who reported being bit by a 4-5 foot shark. He said he was treated at a local hospital and went back to work.

I didn't know Long Island was having such an eventful summer, but not everyone thinks it's a problem. One man in the Guardian interview, a lifeguard named Orlando Diaz had this to say: “They belong in the ocean. We don’t.”

My favorite encounter on a Long Island beach was with a girl named Sammy, she had a chipped tooth and a sunny disposition.

P.S. That is such a cool response to seeing sharks, they belong, we don't. OOOH, you're so cool.

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