There's a good possibility you don't remember the iconic movie The Seven Year Itch which was released in 1955. But I'm betting you've seen the Marilyn Monroe pose in question.

You know the old saying, to each his own. And how many times have we heard a statement along the lines of, it's fine, just not in my neighborhood. Well, an iconic movie figure made her way into Stamford, Connecticut last week, and she's created some talk, much like she did back in her day. Here's what I'm talking about.

In a story from the a huge statue is raising some eyebrows in Stamford. The 26-foot statue by Seward Johnson, depicts Marilyn Monroe in her famously iconic pose of her dress flying up as she stands over a subway grate from the 19955 movie she starred in, The Seven Year Itch.

The statue was recently put up in Latham Park as part of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District’s “Art in Public Places." The series lasts through the Summer. Problem is, where the statue is, and how it's placed. As Marilyn's dress flies up, she moons the First Congregational Church, just across the street.

While opinions appear to vary on the placement, and the stares the statue attracts, it's not the first go - around for this Seward Johnson piece, which is iconic all on it's own. Personally I say good for Connecticut and some cheeky fun.

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