Today is the day for people who love conspiracy theories.

Sealed files about the assassination of JFK will be released today. In my opinion, there has never been an incident in American history that has been the subject of more speculation and conspiracy theory.

The NY Daily News has some ideas as to what we might learn. One thing they say we may learn more about is a secret trip Lee Harvey Oswald took to Mexico City. The publication says not to expect much in the way of "Grassy Knoll" info.

Whatever gets released today, I will eat it up. I'm going to be a fat kid elbow deep in a cake on this one. I will then retain whatever my brain grabs onto, come up with new conspiracy theories, and I'll be more than willing to share on the Ethan and Lou Show starting tomorrow.

This is a perfect example of something we WANT to know more about as a culture and get little to nothing. Yet, if I want to know if Khloe Kardashian is a believer in a macrobiotic diet, I can find that crap out in a hurry.

Release the documents, baby, loaded with a lot of words that mean nothing. All the good words will be blacked out and/or redacted.

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