Remember how you felt when you woke up and found out school was closed due to snow?

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As long ago as it was, I vividly remember the intense feeling of joy knowing I didn't have to go to school that morning. A bunch of us would then beg and plead until one of the moms would drive us up to Potter's Place in Fairport, NY, with sleds and toboggans loaded into the station wagon.

Here is why during an unprecedented pandemic, those 'snow days' may go away. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, Connecticut's Board of Education has directed the Department of Education to begin developing a policy to allow remote learning on the days schools may be closed due to inclement weather.

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Rules are rules, and the board agreed to allow school districts to shave off three days from the standard 180-school-day calendar year, but only if those days were used at the beginning of the school year.

The conundrum here is that students who are doing in-school learning five days a week are not really acclimated to online learning. This begs the question if snow days turn into remote learning days instead of days off, how would this affect the learning capabilities of a student who doesn't have the tech or has never mastered remote learning?

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