Danbury's Parade is on a Sunday, Sunday March 25th to be specific. New Haven's parade is this Sunday, same with Hartford. Can anyone guess the problem I have with this? Correct. You are CORRECT. You can't "Blow it out" all day Sunday and do what you have to on Monday.

Let's skip arguing over how it should be celebrated or why. We all know why 90 percent of people partake in the day. We all know what those 90 percent of people do, and those are the facts. So you soak your liver in booze and your shoes in urine all day Sunday and are expected to present as an upstanding member of society on Monday? I think it's simply too much to ask.

These parades need to be scheduled for a Friday or Saturday. You need at least one day to burn off "the fog." You need a full 24 hours to shake the hangover, make the appropriate apologies, and launder the blood out of your favorite green shirt.

P.S. - Everyone is not Irish on St. Patrick's Day. You are free to partake in the festivities and wear green, but you are not Irish. As an Irish person, I do not think it's fair for people to decide they are Irish on our big day. Try being covered in SPF 100 sunblock your whole life and then have someone who is not Irish tell you that today, they too are Irish. You are gonna be pissed. 

P.S. #2 - Address any and all complaints about this blog to our REALLY Irish guy here at the station, Tim Sheehan. He will likely be at the parade, if not he will be at the Irish Cultural Center to listen to what you have to say. 

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