Back in January of 2015, ten of the families who had children that were murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre filed a lawsuit against the gun maker.

According to the NewsTimes, the Sandy Hook families who are suing the gun manufacturer, Remington Arms, in a wrongful death suit in Superior Court are now objecting to Remington's request to forego the exchange of pre-trial evidence. The NewsTimes story says that the families are calling the gunmaker's actions, "unfair" and "self serving."

Let's recap. According to an article posted on Sept 1, 2016 at, the lawsuit contends the manufacturer immorally and unscrupulously marketed a weapon of war to a civilian buyer, 20-year-old, Adam Lanza. Over the last 18 months, Remington has been seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit claiming that lawmakers, and not the courts, should be making the decision on whether AR-15 style weapons should be sold to the public or not.

Superior Court Judge, Barbera DeBellis rejected the gunmaker's request to dismiss the case back in April and then ordered both sides to begin the discovery process. Just recently on October 4, the family's attorney, Joshua Koskoff argued that Remington is attempting to re-order the pretrial motions. The trial is supposed to begin in 2018 and the suit was filed in January of 2015.

The latest development calls for both attorneys to meet with Judge DeBellis on October 11 for a conference. Remington's initial argument is that it's protected from liability under a 2005 federal law that gives the firearms industry immunity to most claims when its firearms are misused.

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