Some meteorologists are calling this ginormous traveling swath of dust the "Godzilla" of all dust clouds.

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This Saharan dust storm from Africa has now traveled 5,000 miles and has settled over the Caribbean and is heading north towards the Gulf Coast. The big question is, will it negatively affect us New Englanders? The quick answer is, "Not really."

This mega dust cloud stretches as high as 20,000 feet. Still, near ground level, it could coat the air with a high concentration of dust particles that could be dangerous to individuals with respiratory illnesses like asthma and pneumonia.

According to, the Caribbean Islands were the first to experience this unusually large plume of dust. As this weekend progresses, the cloud is forecasted to move up the Gulf Coast into Texas and Louisiana and then make a right towards Florida.

According to, the dust concentration will pass to our south and it will only reach as far north as the southern part of Maryland on Sunday afternoon.

Weather Map From nbcphiladelphia...
Weather Map From nbcphiladelphia...

Depending on where the dust plume ends its journey, we may see some magnificent sunsets on Sunday evening. There is another storm of Saharan Dust in western Africa that's warming up. We could see another one of these dust plumes hit the United States next week. The year 2020 just keeps on giving!

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