Sometimes it feels like our phones are constantly updating and they probably are. For the most part, we don't notice changes and just take for granted that whatever happens with our iPhones is for the best.

However, every once in a while we learn about an update that we need to take notice of and this newest and latest security feature is one of them.

For the most part, we use our faces to unlock our phones, however needing to plug in our passcode is still a big part of unlocking our phones and thieves know this. Whether you're in a crowded bar in Boston with friends, grabbing coffee in downtown Portland while running late to work, or standing in line at a Market Basket in New Hampshire,  sadly the untrustworthy could be looking over your shoulder or using other methods to watch you use your passcode so they can get your phone to steal info or wipe them clean and sell them.

Ugh, that sinking feeling of realizing you don't have your phone. Did you leave it some place or did someone steal it?  Priceless photos, important files, passwords on banking apps, and so many other vital parts of our digital lives are now vulnerable and possibly in someone else's hands or wiped clean and gone forever.

Here's how to quickly activate the Stolen Device Protection feature.

Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media
Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media

Stolen Device Protection

According to the Associated Press, Apple's latest update has a Stolen Device Protection feature that will make it so much harder for thieves to access key functions and settings on your iPhone so turn it on immediately as well as your iPad.

How To Activate It

Go to Settings, scroll down to Face ID and Passcode, input your passcode when asked, scroll down to Stolen Device Protection, and Turn it On.

Basically, according to AP, your phone tracks your habits and “familiar locations,” adding extra biometric security hoops to jump through if things change, even if it's us.

It also reduces the importance of passcodes which thieves can steal by peering over someone’s shoulder or threatening and forcing victims to hand them over.

Meanwhile, click here to learn why another feature on your phone should be turned off immediately.

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