Once again we learn our state is nestled in the warm bosom of safety.

Feel free to roam as you may without fear of having your teeth knocked out of your face with a tube sock filled with nickels. According to a study from Forbes, the Nutmeg State ranked as one of the nation's safest states.

Most Dangerous States in the US:

1. New Mexico

2. Arkansas

3. Louisiana

4. Colorado

5. California

6. Tennessee

7. Missouri

8. South Carolina

9. Nevada

10. Alaska

Put that in your pen and vape it New Mexico!

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Safest States in the Nation:

1. New Hampshire

2. Maine

3. Rhode Island

4. Connecticut

5. New Jersey

6. Idaho

7. Kentucky

8. Wyoming

9. West Virginia

10. Vermont

The Northeast continues to check boxes for me. I just want to know that I'm not going to be stabbed in the neck by a drifter, addicted to snake venom. Is that really too much to ask? Eventually, I'll give in to the world stinking and be ready to leave this blue marble but that day is far down the road.

It's also nice to live in a place where I can take a stroll without being kidnapped by a cartel and held for ransom while my mom figures out the payment plan. Connecticut has just about everything I need except a rewards program which would be super cool. What if you got bonus bucks for working hard, paying your bills and living inside the law? I would have so many points, I'd easily be able to afford a complimentary flight to a warm, exotic destination where crime is undoubtedly much worse.

Forgive me for being a bore but I like living in a place where you're more likely to see a gourmet pickle shop than a car getting booted. Let us all rejoice and celebrate the safety and security that comes with being bored in Connecticut!

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