Meeting up with a total stranger in a public place to complete an internet transaction is not a simple task. I'd like to believe that most of Connecticut is under constant surveillance from the millions of cameras mounted on every house and business around, but that's not the case.

If you need a safe, monitored location to complete your transaction and exchange with a total stranger, the Southington Police Department has announced that you're welcome to come see them to complete your purchase safely.

Southington Police Department via Facebook
Southington Police Department via Facebook

A 'Safe Exchange Zone' which is under 24 hour video surveillance has been created in the parking lot of the Southington Police Department, which is located on Lazy Lane in town. This space was created to offer residents a safe, monitored environment in order to conduct exchanges for their bartering or internet transactions, as well as providing a safe area for children to be transferred parents and guardians.

In their announcement, Southington Police point out that it is not their intent to provide anyone at anytime to actively monitor or witness your exchange, but the 'Safe Exchange Zone' is being recorded all the time, and should a problem occur, you are being recorded, and you're steps away from assistance. Nice job Southington PD.

The new 'Safe Exchange Zone' is up and running in the parking lot of the SOuthington Police Department. Look for the designated parking spaces across from the front entrance of the building, and the sign that you see above.

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