I found it on Reddit, and I have to say this video is a A+++ for effort.

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Never in my life have I seen so much work, dismissed so fast. The following video was posted to Youtube on March 16, 2022 titled "Ridgefield Cannabis Question." The video was posted by Kirkxter and the description reads:

"Like 47 Connecticut towns with populations of 25,000 or more, Ridgefield must decide if it wants to welcome cannabis businesses into its borders. Cannabis, though now legal in Connecticut, is still a federally illegal schedule one controlled substance. As such, it is subject to 280E of the federal tax code. Thus cannabis businesses can not deduct most business expenses and pay taxes of 70% or more... 3.5 times what legal businesses pay. This means they are impaired from investing in their business, providing benefits to employees and giving back to their community. It also, puts State licensed cannabis businesses that are highly regulated and taxed at a disadvantage to blackmarket pot competitors. Not every legal business is compatible with every town. Ridgefield leaders must decide if cannabis is suitable for Ridgefield. This documentary is intended to aid in that decision-making process."

It had 189 views when I posted this, and the early comments were simple, they read:

Michael R. - "I wonder what the Ridgefield Prevention Council has to say about this."

Jessica J.M. - "This is ridiculous and clearly biased. I fully support Ridgefield moving forward with a cannabis retail establishment. Plus, using clips of the BOS members and ECDC out of context to support your view is AWFUL."

Noah M. - "Clearly biased."

Jessica J.M. - "Also, who are you to say that $100 of my tax bill or used towards other local services is negligible. Then you pit the more affluent areas against other towns as if our affluence and our degrees make us more knowledgeable on the subject. Your whole “argument” is elitist and entitled. Awful, just awful. Poor form. << and that’s putting it nicely."
And that is just what was on Youtube, Redditors were also unkind with their reviews. I almost felt bad for the person who made the film. I've never seen so much work, cut down with so few words. The film has a clear agenda, and a lot of charts, graphs and statistics. While there is a lot to unpack, I'm not going to dissect or examine any of it.
It's another last-ditch effort to stop the weed-heads from taking over. To borrow a quote from the film Adventures in Babysitting, "the dishes are done man."
Recreational cannabis is here to stay. It's going to be all around you, everywhere you look and there is not a thing you can do about it. Let's just say folks like this are able to accomplish their goal and keep cannabis from being sold in Ridgefield. It won't last, eventually all these towns and cities will fall like dominoes.
All any of this is doing is delaying the inevitable. In the short-term, you'll be sending people out of town to drop their money off elsewhere. Oh, and if you're worried about people "using" and driving, it's never a good idea to keep the people who will in the car,\ longer than they need to be. They'll just drive to Danbury, get their stuff and drive home to Ridgefield. This issue is a lot simpler than people are making it.
What do I know? I'm just a moron who makes d--- jokes for a living, I also happen to be 100% right.

For the record, I don't use cannabis products.

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