I don't remember how many articles I've written over the years about 'New' and/or 'Best Of' restaurants throughout Connecticut. This past Friday morning, after hearing rave reviews, Mindy and I sat down for breakfast at The Sandy Hook Cafe, located at 3 Glen Road in Sandy Hook.

In our 45 years of living in Connecticut, no restaurant has ever come close to what our tastebuds encountered that morning! It was a culinary experience like no other. Let me just say you can certainly order bacon and eggs or any other typical breakfast food that any diner offers at the Sandy Hook Cafe.

My recommendation is to NOT order off their menu. After we were served an incredibly large cup of coffee, Chef Ralph came over to our table and proceeded to describe his breakfast specials in detail. As he was talking about the ingredients in each of his, what I call breakfast entrees, I almost began to drool.

Each dish is made to order, and Mindy ordered Chef Ralph's Fritatta, sometimes called a breakfast casserole. This Fritatta was made with local farm-grown zucchini, red pepper, eggs, roasted potatoes, and spinach over a bed of greens. It was a feast for two very hungry grown-ups, and it was so good. Check it out!

Ethan Carey
Mindy's Fritatta - Ethan Carey

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