According to a new study Only Fans has more than 1.7 million content creators, more than 400 million users and more than 1.3 million daily active users. A different data dump from Tech Report says Only Fans has paid out over $5 billion to it's influencers since it's inception.

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Many people are looking to get a piece of that cash pie and Connecticut seems extra eager for a seat at the table. Last week we shared the Top 10 States Only Fans content creators and learned CT stands above all the rest.

#10 - Colorado

#9 - Florida

#8 - Indiana

#7 - New Hampshire

#6 - Iowa

#5 - Maine

#4 - North Dakota

#3 - Hawaii

#2 - Nevada

#1 - Connecticut

Now the plot thickens as more details have become available. A recent X post from "Unusual Whales" says:

In case you didn't quite catch that, it says:

Connecticut is the state with the highest number of OnlyFan creator accounts, with 2464 accounts, according to the Daily Mail. “97% of these accounts are based in and around the city of New Haven, each earning a median of $427 per month,” a spokesperson from Bedbible said.

What the hell is going on in New Haven that they OWN the Only Fans landscape?

New Haven:

  • Apizza
  • Yale University
  • Museums
  • amateur porn

We did it in Connecticut! Who grinds like us? NOBODY!

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