It took three years, but someone has finally taken a chance on the old Nino's Trattoria + Restaurant space on Scott Road in Waterbury. If you were expecting a competitor to Texas Roadhouse, you might be pleased.

Kanoon is the name, and halal smokehouse and steakhouse is their game. Kanoon Restaurant currently has locations in Clifton and North Brunswick, New Jersey, and will soon open a third in the former Nino's Trattoria space at 91 Scott Road in Waterbury. Nino's closed down for good at the end of May 2021, and the building was sold a year later in 2022. Here's a hint for those who miss Nino's - Most of the staff from Nino's moved onto Pagliacci's Restaurant on Queen Street in Plainville, and they're still serving most of your old favorites, go see them.

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There is nothing inside the empty restaurant at the moment, according to fellow Waterbury Talks members in the group on Facebook, but the Kanoon sign has been posted on the door.

What can you expect on the menu? The Menu at Kanoon - Clifton, New Jersey features typical BBQ regulars like Brisket, Short Ribs, and Chicken, but you can also order lamb. The smoked meats seem a bit pricey at $29-39 a pound though. There is a wide selection of appetizers, including Tabbouleh salad, Baba-Ganouj, Hummus, Falafel, Fattoush, and even smoked chicken wings. Most of the menu is shanks and kabobs, featuring a nice variety of smoked meats. Some seafood items are available, as is a kid's menu.  Get ready Sultan's, you have some competition setting up shop across 84.

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