I'm kind and funny. Do you need a friend?

There isn't too much out there you can't rent. Cars, furniture, homes, clothes, and on and on. But when I stumbled on this Japanese company, I thought, "What the hell, I can do that." I totally know I'm a good friend. I've worked hard at that my whole life.

The "light bulb moment" was when I read this article at theatlantic.com about this Japanese company called Family Romance that has a staff of actors that are rentable as friends, spouses, parents, even mourners at funerals. I mean, who couldn't use more friends, right?

Actually, all silliness aside, the interview in theatlantic.com with the companies owner, Ishii Yuichi, is very interesting and offers some pretty compelling reasons for why people actually make use of the service.

Here in the United States, it's not uncommon to rent all sorts of things, and I sure could some extra cash. Figured I'd try my compelling sell-job out around the workplace first. Let's see if money can buy my friendship:

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