I-95 is a radio station in the Danbury, CT market located in nearby Brookfield.

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The Classic Rock radio station went on the air for the first time on December 24th, 1976. With 45 years of music and entertainment, I-95 has a lot of history with a ton of individuals who made it all possible.

Recently, I got to thinking it's time to start celebrating these people in an I-95 alumni interview series on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. We had the first alumni guest (Omelette) on the show the week before last (1/19/22) and we kept the strong momentum with our second guest: "Finster."

"Finster" AKA Sean Finnegan (pictured above - middle) was a personality at I-95 at a time when the halls were buzzing with action and spirit. Below is the full interview where we talked to him about what he is up to now? Sean told a classic XMAS party story and we remembered his late father.

The time period when "Finster" was here, was a great one at I-95. The halls and offices were jammed with talented and funny people. At one time, there were five morning show hosts in the building, Ethan, Omelette, Rob Smith, Finster and myself. Top that off with Matt Carey, and later Jay Coffey who would become syndicated talk show hosts, and you have lot of competitive and creative energy. 

Not only were there morning and talk show hosts as far as the eye could see, but you had guys like Jim McCarthy (Gilly) and Eric Senich who were wildly talented personalities who could have done mornings if they wanted.

It's difficult to keep everything straight, I tend to get confused when I think about everyone's movements, or what people were here, at the same time but things will come into better focus as we continue this alumni series. I intend to talk to as many of these talented people as possible. I reached back out to Finster, to at least clear up the years he was here, he replied 2001-2006.

Nostalgic jaunts can be fun but it's not easy to find the intersection of Memory Lane and Reality Rd.

P.S. The picture at the top of the page is: L - Me, Middle - Finster, R - Eric Senich

P.S. 2 - I tried to get Finster to talk about the O-Man during the interview because they are former morning show partners in Michigan, they now each host their own show in the same market. Good for Sean, he handled it like a pro and an adult.

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