I-95 is a radio station in the Danbury, CT market located in nearby Brookfield.

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The Classic Rock radio station went on the air for the first time on December 24th, 1976. With 45 years of music and entertainment, I-95 has a lot of history with a ton of individuals who made it all possible.

Recently, I got to thinking it's time to start celebrating these people in an I-95 alumni interview series on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. I wanted to start with a splash and book a guest that was the face of the radio station for a short time. Who better than Steve "Omelette" Normandin?

"Omelette" created the name for his radio persona from the words, "I'm lit." You mix a love for alcohol with a longstanding radio tradition of naming radio morning shows after breakfast foods and you have "Omelette." Ethan & Omlette were I-95's morning show team from 2000 to 2004.

While Omelette was not here all that long, he is responsible for bits that have stood the test of time. We asked him about some of those moments, what he is up to now and he and Ethan got to reconnect. You can listen to the interview in the Youtube video at the top of the page.

Now that I'm entering my 15th year as the co-host of I-95's morning show, I've gotten more reflective and appreciative of the history of the radio station. It's bigger than me, and I'm thankful for the people who came before me.

Would I have done everything the way Omelette did it? No, but that's not to say I don't respect his work. His "gotcha" bit about draining Candlewood Lake to make way for a mall is something listeners still ask me about. It was a calculated, and divisive move that was very effective.

Today, Omelette has a morning show in Northern Michigan called "The Omelette Show" with his radio partner Rick on a station called WKLT.

We will continue the I-95 Alumni series interviews in the coming weeks and we hope to get as many former personalities on the show, as possible. So far, everyone we've reached out to has been responsive and interested.

P.S. I often get asked if Omelette and I got along, if I liked him? The short answer is yes, the rest is a bit more complicated. While he was nice to me and welcoming I was just a part-time employee. That means, I was way down towards the bottom of the pecking order. There is also that other issue, I had my eye on his job from the second I walked through the door (September '99) which was prior to when Omelette got here. You can like a guy and still be gunning for his job, to an extent.

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