The butt of jokes again? Danbury's John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant has become a destination for bored people far and wide to take their selfies and unload their hot takes.

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Such was the case u/JLTheRocker on Reddit who managed to sneak this s---ty jab past me last year. He posted a selfie in front of the sewage plant sign with the caption "Good news: I found the best place to get my s--- sorted! Bad News: I had to go to Danbury, CT to do it."

It's Reddit after all, so step one for anyone viewing any picture is to look closely to find an oversight by the person posting it, it didn't take long.

u/Rodlongwood: "Is it wrong that I’m bothered that your mask is upside down?" -

When you are getting roasted by someone who has the user name Rodlongwood, you have failed completely. It doesn't matter what you intended to do, if ROD LONG WOOD got the best of you, you done screwed up.

u/JLtheRocker responded to Mr. Wood: "I’m just seeing it now and am ashamed...EDIT: I blame the town of Danbury for infecting my mind."

The hits kept coming, and the next comment was my favorite because it made reference to my pal Mark Boughton, the co-engineer behind the John Oliver soap opera that tore through Danbury.

u/Ochib wrote: "The Mayor will personally give you a guided tour of the plant for a $500 donation to charity."

Now that is funny, and back when Mark was the Mayor, he might have given tours for $500. That was as good as the comments got. Then the bottom fell out, people stopped thinking and just started typing.

u/Gen_Z_Boi said: "Good luck in being in f--- loads of pain for a few years as a Sox fan. My condolences, from a Cubs fan. F--- the Yanks at least."

Now we are hitting all the touch points for me, unnecessary jabs at Danbury and the Yankees? If any of the comments were funny this would have really hurt my feelings. Listen, if you think baseless, misguided rage is hilarious like I do, you need to be on Reddit everyday. I check the Connecticut, and the Danbury pages every single day and it never disappoints.

Just a piece of advice if you are new to Reddit, or just passing through, It's cool to read comments and laugh to yourself but don't dare post, they will eat you alive. Reddit is truly the worlds largest collection of savages.

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