Just over two months ago at the beginning of February 2021, the New Milford Police Department happily announced that after a decade of serving the citizens of New Milford, K9 Officer Kira was going to retire.

I wrote an article about Kira, and wished her a good life, as she was going to retire with her handler, New Milford PD Sargent Lafond and his family. Unfortunately, we just received the very sad news via an announcement on the New Milford PD's Facebook page that Kira recently passed away due to complications from a recent surgery.

According to the post, Kira peacefully passed after suffering from complications following a recent surgery to remove a tumor. Kira had recently received a Mayoral Proclamation in appreciation of her decade of service. According to Sgt. Lafond:

"Kira was more than a police dog, she was a member of our family. Kira had an amazing demeanor. Kira was able to be a loving pup with my wife and three kids, but also had the ability to turn it on when it was time for work. I am saddened that her retirement was tragically cut short, but I am more than thankful for the fun times we had together. She was a loyal friend that I will miss every day."


The article goes on to state the appreciation that The New Milford Police Department has for Candlewood Valley Animal Hospital for Kira's treatment and how fondly they will remember K9 Kira. We here at Townsquare Media Danbury offer our deepest sympathy to Sargent Lafond and his family, and a final thank you to Kira for keeping our community safe under your watch.

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