Do you love hot dogs? Are you a mega-lover of baseball?

An article featured on the WTNH website reports on a seasonal part-time job being offered by BonusFinder, the #1 site for legal online gambling in the United States. Your job would be a "MLB Professional Food Tester."

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If you get the gig, your responsibilities will include eating hot dogs and watching baseball and then collecting a check for $500. The hot dog judging criteria includes:

  1. Hot Dog appearance and color
  2. Quality of the bun and the flavor of the bread
  3. Value of the hot dog for the money
  4. Sauce and topping generosity
  5. The complexity of the hot dog's flavor and the quality of meat

This is no joke, my friends. I just finished filling out my application for "MLB Food Tester" by clicking on The competition is going to be fierce, so my advice would be to get on it ASAP! Check this out. The date was April 17, 1989, at Shea Stadium, when I witnessed this phenomenon!

In February of this year, BonusFinder was looking for a "Professional Binge Watcher" where they paid out $500 to watch Netflix and eat pizza. In October of 2020, it gave away $500 to find the best cheeseburger in the country.

BonusFinder USA is all about legal online gambling across the country, including every legal online casino and online betting site while offering hundreds of bonuses.

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