Are you ready to play a couple of tunes in front of an audience?

If you're just starting out, one of the best avenues to showcase your talent is an open mic night, and there are many superb ones to choose from in the Danbury area.

First a quick true story. Around three summers ago, my buddy Garry, who I played music with back in the '70's, signed up to play at the open mic night at the legendary Caffe Lena's in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I'll never forget the performance of one young lady who walked up to the host that evening and asked if she could use a cassette as part of her act. On that cassette was a karaoke version of 'Lucky Star' by Madonna which she attempted to sing along with for an excruciating 4 minutes and 4 seconds complete with Madonna fingerless gloves. To put it simply, it was bad, but the crowd clapped politely and we all moved on.

If you've been hard at work practicing and think you're ready to show a bunch of people what you've got, here are some excellent 'Open Mic' nights in the greater Danbury area. Some advice, bring along your support staff and pad the crowd with as many friends and family members as possible.

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    Widow Brown's Cafe - Danbury

    Located at 128 Federal Rd. across the street from Stews, Widows has a longstanding open mic night on Sunday evenings at 9pm hosted by Quinton Gelderman or 'Q' for short. Don't be surprised to see 'Q' jammin' with various performers on his percussion kit. Widows also features an array of tasty live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • The Note Kitchen and Bar
    The Note Kitchen and Bar

    The Note Kitchen and Bar - Bethel

    The Note is located at 227 Greenwood Ave. in Bethel and their Open Mic nights are scheduled for every Monday evening at 7pm hosted by area musician, Fred Ball You can even sign up online by clicking this link. The Note also has live solo acts and bands most nights of the week. Check out the lineups by clicking here.

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    Billy Beans Cafe and Pub - Danbury

    Billy Beans is located at 80 White St. in CityCenter Danbury where you'll find their open mic nights every Tuesday evening. Signups begin at 8pm and the first performer(s) begin at 9:15pm. Billy Beans goes all out providing an in-house PA, drum kit, 3 mics, congas, bass, and combo amp. They also welcome poets, magicians, comics, and bands. Donny, the owner of 'Beans,' is working on starting up a new Latino open mic night soon. Check out their open mic FB page at 'Hat City Open Mic.'

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    O'Briens Pub - Danbury

    O'Brien's Pub located at 83 Lake Ave. is the areas newest open mic night hosted by area musician, Jon Chapman on Monday nights at 8pm.

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    Townsquare Media

    Fast Eddie's Billiards Cafe - New Milford

    Moving across town to New Milford you'll find Fast Eddie's located at 46 Old State Rd.(Rt.7) Their open mic launches every Thursday evening at 8:30 and live rock n' roll bands take the Fast Eddie's stage on Friday and Saturday evenings. For more open mic info, click this link.

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    Molten Java - Bethel

    One of Connecticut's premiere coffee houses, Molten Java is located at 213 Greenwood Ave. in Bethel. Open Mic is scheduled every Thursday evening at 7pm. For more info on this legendary Bethel coffee house, click this link.

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    Murphy's Pub - Newtown

    One of the areas newest additions to the restaurant scene is Murphy's Pub located at 71 S. Main St.(Rt.25) in Newtown. Open mic nights are every Sunday beginning at 4pm and hosted by Mike Murphy. Friday and Saturday nights rock at Murphys with live music both nights. For more info and a rundown on live entertainment, click on

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