The Rascals are bringing some Good Lovin' to Ridgefield, CT this Saturday night.

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Ahead of the Ridgefield Playhouse show we had the opportunity to sit and chat with Felix Cavaliere on the I-95 Morning Show. Felix seemed in the mood to reminisce about music, life and regrets.

You're coming to the Ridgefield Playhouse this Saturday for a show, Felix Cavaliere, you're billing it as the Rascals is that right, because Gene Cornish is back with the band? 

"Correct, after a long period of time I suddenly realized that this is the Rascals, yes."

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You just said that you realized at a certain point that, that was the Rascals. What was the time period when you didn't feel that way and what was the reason for it?

"How can I put lawsuit? Hahaha, yeah the legal profession decided. You know, it's so sad we had a wonderful, fantastic career except for those things and it really just makes me sad."

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That's all in the past now? 

"It's in the past but you know it's kind of silly, it's silliness people don't want to work but they don't want you to work. It finally got resolved and it's an unfortunate situation but yes, the Rascals are now back in business." 

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You told us a story about Vietnam from years ago, do you remember that story and can you tell it again? 

"Basically what happened was I was working this show and this gentleman came up to me and handed me his dog tags. I said what's that about? He said, I'm going to tell you. You saved my life, I was over in Vietnam I don't know if you remember they had those Navy ships that would go up the Mekong and pick up the wounded and what happened is the Rascals wee going to be on Hullabaloo (TV Series) which was broadcast at their base. So, the fella said to his commanding officer, do you mind if I take the next boat? The rest of the story is, the boat that he was supposed to be on did not make it. So, that was, I still have those dog tags by the way and that was quite an interesting story that really caught me off guard." 

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Later, Felix spoke about how the music business used to run through the radio industry. You can listen to our entire interview with Felix below.

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Don't miss the Rascals this Saturday June 24, 8pm at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

About the Artist:

Two of the founders of The Rascals are together again! Felix Cavaliere and Gene Cornish cite the fans and love of their timeless songs as reasons for their collaboration. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Grammy Hall of Fame, Vocal Group Hall of Fame and Songwriter Hall of Fame members, The Rascals are widely considered the best ‘blue-eyed soul’ group to come out of the 1960s and their music is the soundtrack of a generation. The Rascals have 17 Top 20 hits, seven Top 10 hits, and three No.1 hits that include “Groovin’, “People Got To Be Free” and “Good Lovin’.”

Visit Eddie’s Pizza & Pasta (24 Prospect Street, Ridgefield) the night of the show and enjoy a complimentary glass of house wine with your entrée when tickets are presented!

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