Take the function of a taco shape, mix it with the elegance of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and you have the Choco Taco.

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Klondike has been making these ice cream delights since 1984 but the run is over. Klondike dropped a devastating Tweet and statement on July 25th saying:

"We’re always updating our product portfolio to create new, exciting innovations that reflect consumer preferences and trends. A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes discontinue products in order to ensure we can offer the best variety nationwide." 

Personally, I'm a Nutty Buddy man but the Choco had it's place in my world. There were days where I didn't want to get "nutty", days when I was feeling a more multi-cultural ice cream flare, and on those days, I put some choco in my taco.

Talking about things like the Choco Taco makes for great first-date fodder. I was phenomenal at bringing inconsequential, popular culture topics like the Choco Taco into awkward social situations, and coming out a winner because of it. So, if you have a first-date planned for this weekend, bring up the death of the Choco-Taco. I'm pretty sure if you do, you'll end up married to that person.

P.S. The Danbury ice cream man needs to take a few days off this summer. They are killing my wallet, popping up from out of the bushes, everywhere I go with my kids.

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