The Yankees pulled it off and beat the Indians in the ALDS after starting the series down 2-0. While it's a huge accomplishment, super surprising and just plain awesome there was another accomplishment that we witnessed that is even more impressive.

Terry "Tito" Francona plowed a metric F--- ton of sunflower seeds last night. No one in the history of Planet Earth has ever put more sunflower seeds in their mouth in a shorter time period than "Tito" did last night. Really, his dedication to murdering seeds was impressive.

If you added up all of his TV time, all of the cut away's from the game to Terry it comes out to probably 2 minutes. In those 2 minutes I estimate that he put 3-4,000 seeds in his mouth. Now consider that the game went just under 4 hours. So let's come to a middle ground on the TV time. So, we estimate he ate 3,500 seeds on camera in 2 minutes.

So you subtract those 2 minutes from the 3 hours, 45 minutes in the game. We are left with 3 hours and 43 minutes or 223 total minutes. At 3,500 seeds per 2 minutes over the span of the 3 hours, 43 minutes you come up with 390,250 seeds. Now we go back and add in the TV time seeds we subtracted earlier and your total is 393,750.

Terry Francona ate 393,750 sunflower seeds last night. That's a lot of seeds. I'm a big Yankee fan so yeah it was great to see my team win. I'm an even bigger fan of people doing the "unthinkable" and "Tito" did just that. Don't be surprised to read in the paper this morning that Francona s--- 3 acres of sunflowers.

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