The state of CT recently released guidelines for back to school classroom instruction, but many kids and teachers still have questions.

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Some teachers are asking why the guidelines are not being phased in like everything else. Kids are asking how they're going to eat lunch and navigate the crowded hallways. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, this is what Assistant Superintendent Kevin Walston told a recent virtual forum of students and parents,

We are trying to prepare our schools so all of you can come back to a school building that is safe' - safe for your teachers, safe for our staff and most importantly safe for you.

Both students and teachers have been asking if all students are required to return full-time while others have been wondering if the schools might be able to operate on a different model. This is a unique situation that schools across the country have never had to face before, so there can be no definitive answer at this time. The following video of Governor Lamont talking about the reopening of Connecticut schools was published on June 25.

The keyword, according to Danbury's assistant school superintendent, is 'flexibility.' He said, "We'll have to do the best we can to make sure everyone is safe." Teachers and students have been recommending a combination of in-person and distance learning.

During the forum, teachers and students voiced their apprehensions of crowded buses and hallways. Other issues brought up were the sanitizing of classroom desks along with "What do I do if a family member is sick?" Another student asked about lockdowns and fire drills.


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