According to Showbiz 411 box office numbers for this summer are on pace to be the worst in 25 years. Movies like "King Arthur" "Nut Job 2" and "The Dark Tower" have had disappointing ticket sales that have contributed to a new low in dollars for the studios.

Hmm, I wonder what could be wrong here? I mean I love the movies, most people do. The problem might be that every movie that gets made now is a remake, a sequel or a comic book movie. How bout make movies that don't suck? Stop making "Transformers" movies for instance.

There are no originals ideas left apparently we are plumb out. Or are the same tired ideas being rehashed by the same old guard in Hollywood? I honestly do not know the answer. I can tell you as a movie lover that there has not been one summer blockbuster that I had to see in the last ten years with the exception of "The Force Awakens."

It might also have something to do with the fact that I have a family of 6 and it costs me just shy of 150 bucks to go to the movies after the tickets and snacks. Do better Hollywood. At the very least if you cannot come up with new ideas then redo movies that were actually awesome. "The Burbs" comes to mind right away. Maybe the most underrated movie of all time.

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