Right around this time of year, police departments all across our region engage in their drug take back programs.

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They have collection events so the public can drop off unused or expired prescription drugs and paraphernalia. There are a few points to the program that include:

  • Getting dangerous drugs out of the reach of children.
  • Getting dangerous drugs out of the community and away from folks with drug issues.

The Putnam County, New York Sheriff's Department held their drug take back event this past weekend and was able to collect 234 pounds of prescription medications. I did some light research and learned that your average bearded pig weighs 230. That's an NFL Free Safety or 5,000+ pieces of sushi or a BUTT LOAD of drugs.

Butt load = all the drugs you can fit in your butt 

According to News 12 Westchester officials were also able to gather 175 syringes. They also reported Putnam Hospital Center will still accept syringes but no meds Monday-Friday from 9 am - 4 pm.

I spoke with Putnam County Sheriiff Kevin McConville to ask him about the program's success and he replied:

"We are pleased to partner with the Prevention Council to provide a venue for residents to submit outdated and/or unused medications in a safe and effective manner."

P.S. McConville was communicating with I-95 while attending an event to honor one of his deputies who was receiving a Recognition of Excellence Award from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

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No animals were stuffed during the making of this article. Everyone is fine.

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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