Would service cuts on Danbury's rail line affect your commute?

Maybe you're asking, "What kind of service cuts are we talking about?" According to an article at newstimes.com, the state transportation commissioner, James Redeker, will hold a meeting opened to the public on Monday, March 5 at City Hall in Danbury.

Most people are aware that the state of Connecticut is in deep financial trouble and the Department of Transportation is exploring different options to trim their budget like reducing off-peak services, eliminating weekend service, and possible fare hikes.

The fact is, Connecticut is running out of money. Corporations and residents are leaving the state. Connecticut's population has decreased every year for the last three years. Liberals and conservatives are blaming each other and can't seem to find a common ground.

According to theatlantic.com, the incomes of the top 1% in Connecticut has grown by 17%, while the incomes of the other Connecticut residents has decreased by 2%. Does that mean inequality is to blame? Is it because we're taxed to the max? I don't know! I'm not trained to know the answer. Can we get somebody, anybody to figure out the answer before we all slip into financial oblivion and are forced to move into the bowels of Kentucky?

If you would like to voice your opinion about proposed cuts in the Danbury rail line service, stop by Danbury City Hall on Monday, March 5 for an open forum discussion.

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