Recently we told you the story of the Patterson, NY man who was arrested for trapping and painting squirrels.

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According to LoHud: an official said that he was using a toxic paint, and was INTENTIONALLY harming them because he didn't want them coming onto his property. Believe it or not, this is NOT the best, safest or nicest way to deal with a squirrel problem.

We spoke about the situation on the I-95 Morning Show on Thursday (1/19/23).

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After the segment, one of our faithful listeners reached out to share some helpful information, his name is Craig Lewis and he did animal "nuissance control" for years. Craig offered his exprt advice on the proper way of dealing with squirrels.

Here is what he shared: "Trying to remove squirrels just because they are on your property is just fruitless. More will fill the void and quickly. Getting them out of a structure is different , remove the squirrels and close any access points securely."

Craig's Tips For Keeping Them Out of Your Yard

  • Habitat modification is the key, remove any food sources like bird feeders.
  • Cut back tree branches over hanging house with at least a 10ft gap keeps them out of your attic.
  • One thing that will keep them out of your yard is an aggressive dog that will chase them away.
  • Another thing that works is they have motion detecting water sprinklers that activate when they see movement and runs for a couple seconds.

He added: "It's not good to trap them then as you you live the young to die without parents to care for them."

Craig's Squirrel Fun Facts

  • Squirrel nests are called 'dreys.'
  • Flying squirrels live in this area but are hardly seen as they are small like a chipmunk. and are nocturnal.
  • Flying squirrels live in colony and you can have 50-100 in an attic.
  • Red and gray squirrels live in family units with a few to maybe 10.
A chipmunk is holding peanut.

More on Craig "The Critter Guy" Lewis

He has so many more credentials that I don't have time to list them all. I didn't even know any of those orgnizations existed, but they are real and it is kind of amazing. I met Craig in Danbury and we traded tunnel stories, I love underground tunnels and he has a lot of information about where to find them. You never know who you're going to meet and what role they will play in your life.

Craig is now our "Nuissance Control" Correspondeant on the I-95 Morning Show. HIRED! There is no pay.

More on the Patterson man who was arrested for painting squirrels in my article: "Patterson Man in Boiling Hot Water Over Alleged Squirrel Cruelty." 

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