According to the News Times customers at an Ohio Amusement Park were left stranded on their rides for two hours. They were stuck on the rides because of a power outage caused by a car striking a utility pole. One ride in particular had riders stuck about 300 feet in the air at Cedar Point.

When I was a kid nothing got me more excited than the idea of going to an amusement park and riding the biggest scariest rides they had. "You got loopedy loops? I'm in!" This is what I used to say out loud in front of many people, many times.

Now, as an adult I am no fan of amusement parks. We still go, it would be unfair to my kids if we did not. Why I don't like them is not what you might think. Yes, they are expensive and you wait in lines all day. It's not the inconvenience that gets me.

I'm flat out scared of the rides now. I look around at the equipment that is used and the people operating that equipment and think, "this has potential to go really wrong." I used to love "the swings" for instance.

Now I look at "the swings" and see 60 year old welds and get concerned. I also get concerned when I see the person in charge of mine and my families safety has green hair and a skull piercing. It that does not terrify you, you are just not paying attention.

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