What is this? The Wild West in Ridgefield?

A story in the Ridgefield Press says that a Hulda Lane homeowner chased off potential car thieves back on June 5, and they retreated in their own vehicle. The next day, the Ridgefield home owner played footage for the police from his home security camera of the attempted robbery, and all seemed on the "up and up".

Later that day, however, it was discovered that a 15-year-old female, who was being treated for a gunshot wound at Waterbury Hospital, had been in Ridgefield around the time of the attempted theft. On a hunch that the gunshot wound was a result of the attempted robbery, police secured a search warrant and revisited the home on Hulda Lane.

Officers say that the search turned up seven pounds of pot, $26,000 in cash, a large amount of pills, many of which are believed to be steroids, and multiple guns. Despite these items that turned up during the search, no charges have been filed against the homeowner, but police say the investigation continues.

Residents who live in the area of the home in question told police that they had heard gunshots at around 2:45 am that night. Several minutes after those calls, the home owner called police to report the attempted car theft, but never mentioned anything about the shots that the neighbors heard.

Ridgefield Police have gone on to say that they believe this incident is related to a group of young people who may be working the area and stealing cars in multiple nearby towns. This belief comes based off of a report in the News Times, in which police say that a friend of the wounded 15-year-old claims that both of them, along with other teens, were trying to steal a Land Rover on Hulda Lane in Ridgefield when they heard gunfire. The report says that after feeling the scene without the Land Rover, they returned to a previously stolen car and drove the girl who had been shot to Waterbury hospital.

There have been no arrests made since this all went down on June 5. Ridgefield police are still investigating.

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