Looking around at social media and various NY/Connecticut groups, we came across some very cool information about a roadside restaurant in Mahopac, NY.  Countryside Kitchen recently appeared on an episode of The Cooking Channel's Man Vs Food, with their amazing signature breakfast/anytime dish featured.

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My thanks to Lee and Christina at Countryside Kitchen in Mahopac for the pics and information. Here is the Facebook post from a few days ago announcing the premiere of the Man V Food episode they were featured in.

We first got the heads up that they were going to be featured way back in November of last year...

They didn't make the Spring premiere, but that's cool, it's out there now and just in time for the holiday season. I missed the premiere, but according to The Cooking Channel's website, the next airing will be tomorrow night (Sunday 11/6) at 6 pm. Other airings will be on Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving 1 pm), Tuesday, December 13th (11:30 pm), and Wednesday, December 14th (3:30 am). You can also check to see if it is available on demand.

Not to spoil the whole episode that focuses on New York's Hudson Valley, but Countryside Kitchen's local famous favorite "The Holy Cannoli Pancake" was featured.

Countryside Kitchen in Mahopac, NY

For more articles written by this cannoli-craving guy, you can tap or click right here, including a recent one about some of the best restaurants in the Northeast. Thank you all for hanging out and see you all again real soon.

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