Aquila's Nest is a relatively new and wildly popular vineyard in Newtown, CT.

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"The Nest" just sent out a press release to thank its first year customers and announce a lineup of exciting events including their "Halo-Wine Scavenger Hunt."

The scavenger hunt through Aquila's Pumpkin yard takes place on October 30th. If you want to participate, reservations are required. There is a $3 per person entry fee for the day plus the cost of any food and wine you might purchase.

So how do you play? This is how the folks at Aquila's Nest describe the game:

"The adventure begins among the vines and then following clues and gathering points as participants move from various points of interest. Working alone or as a team, players will learn unique facts about Aquila’s Nest Vineyards and wine making.

At each clue location, a wine fairy will greet players to maintain the Aquila spirit and keep participants on the right track. For those who complete the hunt correctly, a free glass of wine awaits as a prize….but you must be 21 years of age to play."

Co-founder Neviana Zhgaba had this to day about the upcoming event series:

“This is such a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family and get to know Aquila’s Nest Vineyards better whether you’re a local or a visitor. In addition, it is important to us to offer a unique way for people to enjoy something fun and different during a time when so many people are social distancing and have fewer opportunities for entertainment.”

This event sounds perfect for Erica and I. The result of the game doesn't negatively impact my day, it's something to get us out of the house and it involves boozing so it's a win-win-win.

Listen, this is not a commercial, understand that when I say it but this place is the jelly and the jam. Anyone you talk to in the Greater Danbury area who has been there will agree. I went once with my family, and my wife went with her girlfriends on her birthday.

That is them L to R: Kelsey, Erica (my boo), Kelly and Meagan (I call her MEEE-gan).

This is a pic from the time we went. There was only one problem with the day, I brought my kids. The kids were welcomed with open arms, they had crayons for them and a coloring paper, it was great. But, once I realized how cool the place was I really wished we'd gone alone for adult fun time. It's a banger for sure and Chef recommends (I'm Chef).

Aquila's also announced other calendar items in their release that include but are not limited to:

Castle Hill Chocolate & Wine Pairing, Color Between the Wines, Hallowine Sunset Art Walk with a featured Migration Exhibit Sculptor, Halloween Make & Take Puppet Show,  HowWeen Doggy Costume Contest and the Grape Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony. Most of the events include live music of some sort and a food truck on site.

I'd like to place a pre-order for my first wine at all of these events please. I'll have a Rosé, I'd like it in a glass and I would like it cold. Please and thank you.

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